Part-Time Music and Worship Leader

First Baptist Church Sparta, NC | Sparta, NC

Posted Date 5/15/2024

The Music Ministry Coordinator will work in close association with and under the immediate supervision of the Pastor. The responsibilities are outlined below.

Music Ministry

  • The Music Ministry Coordinator will provide leadership for the entire Music Ministry
  • Select and oversee the preparation of music appropriate for worship and special services in cooperation with the pastor
  • Communicate and work closely with the Church Secretary in preparation for Sunday Service bulletins, monthly newsletters, and other written or verbal communication as needed
  • Communicate and work close with the Production Associate for Sunday Services and other Special Services as needed
  • Lead and direct Adult Choir Rehearsals and Performances
  • Lead and direct music for Sunday Services and other Special Services as needed
  • Lead and direct music for Vacation Bible School

Staff Participation

  • Participate in weekly staff meetings to share information, updates, and plans with the rest of the staff
  • Meet occasionally with the pastor to assess and develop the direction and effectiveness of the worship ministry
  • Assist the Pastor in planning all services of worship and be responsible for music in all church services consistent with the purpose of worshiping and glorifying God 

Music and Instruments

  • Select and order music
  • Supervise the Church Music Library
  • Supervise use and care of instruments


  • Professional Development
    • Attention should be given to participation in school, clinics, conferences, and activities related to the Music Director’s profession. Expenses should be limited to those approved in the church budget.
  • Prepare a budget for the Stewardship Committee annually
  • Salary will be determined by the Personnel and Stewardship Committees


  • Sufficient musical experience and expertise to fulfill the above responsibilities
  • Mature and growing disciple of Christ
  • Strong Christian Character
  • Passion for ministering to others
  • Like-minded philosophy of ministry
  • Strong leader
  • Relational and kind
  • Collaborative
  • Enjoys working on a team
  • A Learner
  • Able to give and take constructive criticism
  • Able to provide spiritual leadership for the choir and music ministry
  • Able to lead the congregation in worship, not just music
  • Strong organization, planning, and communication skills
  • Good chemistry with the choir and staff

Time Commitment

  • 20 hours per week
Paid Status
part time

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