Minister of Youth and Activities

Broad Street Baptist Church | Hawkinsville, GA

Posted Date 5/14/2024

Broad Street Baptist Church in Hawkinsville, GA is looking for a hardworking, outgoing, and humble man to serve as the Minister of Youth and Activities in our church. This individual must have a desire to spend time and invest in the lives of students. He needs to be willing to work with a youth committee and have a desire to be involved in the community. He will be required to teach students in our community Christian Learning Center in addition to responsibilities of teaching and leading students in the church. Some administrative skills will be needed to perform the Activities responsibilities. He also must be able to fill the pulpit in the absence of the pastor. Above all, he should be theologically sound (adhering to the BF&M 2000), committed to serving Christ, able to communicate Biblical truth well, and focused on discipleship, his own as well as that of others under his ministry. Compensation will be based on experience and commensurate with the latest Lifeway Compensation Study. If interested, please send a resume to Dr. Jeff Waters at or mail it to P.O. Box 415, Hawkinsville, GA 31036. A full job description will be provided to interested candidates.

Paid Status
full time

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